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Creative Tucson is a champion of the Tucson creative community and a vehicle for their expression. It is our members that will ultimately define who we are and how we are perceived by the broader public.

That said, we believe it is important to maintain a degree of cohesion in every designed asset we produce. We want recognizability, so when our viewers and stakeholders see our stuff it immediately clicks: hey, that’s Creative Tucson! That is the essence of what a brand is — that recognition and the expectations and feelings that come with it.

We created this "brand guide" as a resource for anyone designing or writing Creative Tucson materials, whether video, audio, social, web or print. By treating the brand style with care and consistency, we reinforce those expectations and improve the user experience. See this not as a limitation, but as a springboard for your own execution.

Our mission is to put you, the members, in the driver seat. These rules were put in place simply to make sure you take us along for the ride.


Letter A

ARS Maquette Pro


Our typeface is called ARS Maquette Pro. It was created by designer Angus R. Shamal at ARS Type. It’s big, bold and beautiful like the mountains that surround our fair city. We use caps when possible for maximum impact.


pyramid left
pyramid right


We are straight forward and a bit edgy but we are always friendly and accessible. We skirt controversy - preferring to let Creative Tucson content tackle the big debates. We choose soft language over hard language to show our helpful conversationality but we are not trite or bland. We make it easy to get involved, and reflect that by including calls to action frequently.


We use contemporary language and may use slang from time to time. We prefer acronyms, conjunctions and ampersands over spelling things out. We may employ Internet-speak occasionally. No thous, heretofores, therefores, etc. will be found in our copy. We use very specific adjectives and descriptions, avoiding words like good, bad, great, awful, cool, etc.


We may occasionally use exclamation points to convey our enthusiasm for this project but we are not sugary sweet. We are direct and helpful and prefer to be transparent - explaining things in detail - over using vague language. We are pumped and clever whenever possible. We share news, updates and insights with gusto which means we talk about our passions, obsessions, eagerness and energy (even using those words to do it).

Now show us
what you got

Want to be a part of the creative movement in Tucson? Want to see your work on the streets and on TV? We have several ways you can get involved. We don’t advertise in a traditional sense. All of our adverts are meant to showcase and elevate the artistic community in Tucson. We’ve developed templates to help get your work out there. Whether you’re a painter, photographer, animator, sculptor, performance artist, etc. we want to see the goods.


Hey Hey! now who doesn’t like a good poster? We love them! We hang them in our bedrooms and wheat paste them on our favorite underpasses. Nah, just kidding, we use them to advertise around town and showcase local artists. Submit your design and we may feature you. If your design is chosen we will contact you with further details. Submitting a design doesn’t mean it will be produced.


We can accept almost any type of high quality artwork, but vector graphics with fonts converted to outlines is our absolute favorite way to receive artwork. This is typically a file made in Adobe Illustrator and saved as AI, PDF or EPS file format. We will also begrudgingly accept psd, tiff, jpg and png file formats.

Files can be submitted in CMYK or Pantone Colors. If specifying pantone colors, we use Pantone solid coated colors.

Submit Your Design

Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3


Are posters a little too static for you? Do you like to set things in motion? Well how about throwing together a little Ident for the Channel?! Animation, Film, Stop Motion it doesn’t matter. Be as expressive as you’d like. Use the template provided as bookends to your piece and who knows maybe you’ll see it on the air.

Submit Your Ident